Infographic: Job Interviewing 101

I’ve had my fair share of awkward interviews. From interviewing in a magazine editor’s office while her pet mastiff sniffed and growled at me, to a real estate interview where the only thing said was, “So, Jared, tell me how creative you are.” I’ve seen it all.

That’s why this infrographic by Interview Success Formula can be a useful guide to identifying the different personality types of interviewers and how you can connect with them. Take a look at the infographic and let me know if there are any other interviewer types they should include. Sound off in the comments section below.
Job Interviewing 101


  1. Christine

    Speak of job interviews., the employers new tactic: compensation: d.o.e.
    In my Interviews the employer couldn’t e-v-e-n give me a figure of what they were willing to pay or could afford. I professionally replied, “don’t you know what the going rate is”? Its become a game, get this person as cheap as I can, never mind she/he is or isn’t qualified for the job!

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