Tips to Save Money During Your Job Search

savemoney_may2013_webIf you’re unemployed or underemployed, looking for a job can make a tight financial situation even more stressful. Expenses incurred while searching for a job, like printing resumes and getting an interview outfit, may be necessary steps toward a better financial future. To help out your financial budget, make sure you take the time to think through your job search expenses and consider creative solutions to save you money.

Your Resume
Before you purchase a resume template or pay for a resume critique, spend a little time researching online or at the local library for resume writing advice. Make sure to take advantage of resume advice offered from a career center, guidance counselor, or staffing agency recruiter. If you have family members or friends who have experience in hiring, ask them to review your resume. Just because someone you know isn’t in a position to hire you, doesn’t mean they can’t help by critiquing your resume and offering real world advice.

Treating club or association meetings and conferences as networking opportunities is a good idea, but can be expensive. To help keep the costs down, contact the group directly and ask if first time visits are free, if there are scholarships to attend a meeting, or if they have any free events. Or maybe you can volunteer to work at a conference in exchange for free or reduced admission. Don’t be afraid to ask for special opportunities, almost everyone has looked for a job and can respect the need to be frugal during the process.

Access to Open Positions
Plan your job search wisely. If you’re going to spend time canvassing an area for businesses with help wanted signs or dropping off applications, invest in mapping out your route and making a list of companies in that area. Make the most of your time and gas by applying at every opportunity in one part of town, then move to the next area and repeat the process.

Another less costly alternative would be to apply with a staffing company. Most staffing companies don’t charge anything to job seekers and can be a one-stop way to apply for several jobs. Not only will you save time and gas money from applying all over town, but they’ll also be able to offer advice on your resume and interviewing tips to help you get the job at no charge to you.

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What are some ways you’ve saved money during your job search? Share them in the comments section below.

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