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3 Ways to Earn Your Boss’ Trust


BossTrust_June2013_webIn the world of workplace relationships, the one between you and your boss is probably the most influential and important. And like any essential relationship, it’s built on trust. As Robert Whipple, chief executive of Leadergrow Inc., a leadership development firm, told CareerBuilder, “Trust is the most important ingredient for a workplace to function correctly.”

There’s a lot riding on how much your manager can trust you. It can affect your career advancement, yearly reviews, and workload. So, here are three ways to help earn your boss’ trust and strengthen your working relationship.

Go Above and Beyond
Don’t just do exactly what your boss asks and leave it at that. Be a self-starter with a passion for personal and professional growth. Instead of accepting the status quo on your projects or work tasks, see how you can make them better and take them to the next level. Without being asked, take it upon yourself to learn and grow, whether it’s staying up to date on industry trends or learning new software. This shows you can be trusted to be responsible and do what needs to be done.

Ask Smart Questions
If you’re being trained in a new task, ask questions so you can understand the “why” behind it, not just the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “how.” Or, if you’re in a meeting and hear an unfamiliar phrase, ask what it means in layman terms. By asking your boss well-thought-out questions, you show you’re paying attention and taking the initiative to understand your job responsibilities better.

Make a Judgment Call
There will come a time when your manager isn’t around and you have to make a decision in their absence. Making the right judgment call will instantly boost your boss’s trust in you, but in order to make the correct choice you have to start preparing yourself for that moment long before it arrives. In order to act and think like your boss would, you must take the time to observe them, learn their character, and focus on how they handle different decisions and situations.

Earning your boss’ trust will not only help you advance in your company and career, but also make work more enjoyable and fulfilling. What other ways have you proven your trustworthiness to your manager? Share your experiences in the comments section below.