What is your biggest frustration as a job seeker?

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollFrom pay to location to skill set, finding a job involves many factors. As a job seeker, what has been your biggest obstacle in finding the right match?

Poll closed July 18, 2013.


  1. Raymond E. Scott II

    My biggest frustrations are that am not being offered jobs, and I am always told regardles of the position that my background and experiences do not qualify me for the job. It does not matter what job I’m not qualified and I am neot offered any jobs.

    My biggest problem is I am 58 years old and 16 years out of the job market due to being primary caregiver for my parents. During the 15 years from 1997 to 2012 caregiving made employment impossible. Now at 58 I cannot find a way to support myself.

    1. Kem

      Take some CNA training, you’ve got 15 years of caregiving, take it to the next step. CNA’s make decent money especially if you get CNA2 and can then work at the hospital.

    2. Pam

      Raymond, perhaps you should consider looking into using that time as a caregiver as ‘experience’ in that field – home health care or something in an assisted living facility – or take a short CNA course to open up even more opportunites. I, too, am in a similar situation but am still hopeful I can get some type of employment using my skills and experience in an office environment.

  2. Kevin Gillette

    I have been a finalist a number of times and have found very few employer who extend the courtesy of following through with a letter advising you of the decision, etc.

    Further, most employers never check references prior to offering an interview as a finalist.

  3. Terri

    Applying daily to numerous jobs and am signed up with many employment agencies and not finding anything. I may interview but nothing pans out.

  4. Bob Chesley

    Being told you are overqualified at age 60 is shorthand for too old. What some of these young recruiters and HR folks don’t realize is that age is a state of mind not a collection of years. Sure I know a few guys in their 60’s who are shot and burned out. I’m not one of them. I went back to grad school 2 years ago and came out with a 3.85 GPA. Since then I have played in 100 hole golf outings and played over 100 holes in one day. Sure I may be old enough to be your father but I’m still learning and not afraid to pass along the knowledge I’ve learned. You would think that would make it a no brainer to hire guys like me.

    1. Deb Abben

      Seems like years of experience has no significance at all anymore. At age 52, I have decided to attend college, but still seems like when I finish in 2 years, it will still be the age thing and not getting any younger.

  5. John Brossart

    It bothers me that I keep hearing that i’m over qualified for a job I just want to work and earn a paycheck

  6. Mark Deszcz

    Aside from topics in poll, single biggest gripe: Employers who locate their operations out in the hinterlands–usually to get tax breaks–beyond the reach of public transit, thus requiring employees to drive to work while earning a poverty-level salary that doesn’t cover the costs of driving, let alone the cost of living.

  7. Richard Barbieri

    Nobody can understand what your going through but the job seeker. No reply’s .Resumes fall into a big black hole. No professional courtesy or respect. r

  8. Georgie Rivera

    Being age 49 has a lot to do with the job search problems. I have 2 prior jobs of 10 years each. never at lower level positions for very long Hard working, reliable, honest fast learner but no one will give me a chance to prove it. I have been told over qualified but wouldn’t that be a good thing more knowledge for less pay?

  9. Gwen James

    I applied to what I felt would be the perfect position for me. A position that I could see myself retiring from. A position that started off with GREAT PAY, GREAT BENEFITS, HOURS, LOCATION, and also working with GREAT PEOPLE. There was only one way to go with this position and that was up. I really don’t feel that the sky would be the limit. Thats how GREAT I felt and still feel about this position. I trained with the company, but the sad thing was I failed the final exam. Well after a certain amount of time you could apply again and go through the process again and get hired. I waited the amount of time and applied again, wow I got an interview. I did not get hired that time. Oh well applied again got another interview, still did not get hired. I don’t know what to do at this point without some feedback leting me know if I did or said something wrong.

  10. Donna Dannen

    I have made it to many interviews. Beyond that, I don’t ever hear back…..anything. I send thank you notes in my personal handwriting, but employers have no such courtesy. I am something of a renaissance person, with important skills in several areas, but no formal education there. Most of it was on-the-job training that does not seem to be recognized without a piece of paper declaring I am qualified. Also my age is a factor. I lost my former job shortly before retirement, and like others here, feel being passed over is excuse for age discrimination. Also, for many years I worked in a small home-based (successful) business. I feel corporate America does not feel someone like me will fit into the corporate image.

  11. William P.

    My biggest frustration is spending precious time to apply for a full time job opportunity, only to find out that the job you applied for is actually only part time work. This happens on a regular basis. I don’t want PT work. I need FT work, and it is very deceiving for a company to falsely advertise opportunities towards job seekers. It’s like “bait & switch” in the job market.

  12. P S

    After being layed off of a job after 23 years due to economic downturn, I was on the market again. I received many positive comments on my background and experience, but after interviews, I never heard anything more (lack of current business etiquette) . It appears my background and experience was very desirable until they found out my age. After a couple of years, lack of current employment was another factor. I finally landed a boring minimum wage job. Employers seem to prefer younger workers with no experience and a sense of entitlement to older workers with experience willing to pull their weight.

  13. p

    I have been in the same situation. I have been a finalist for quite a few positions and did’nt get an offer, in some cases I never heard back from the employer, and in some cases when I heard back I got excellent reviews but no offer. References are check mostly after the offer process, at time employers will check references before an offer. Its never check before offering an interview because this is costly and the interview is the process where the employer evaluates who they want from the qualifying candidate pool.

  14. Miller

    When submitting my resume online, there is usually no response, beyond an automated reply. Also, there is normally no contact information for the pertinant people that I could follow up with after submitting my resume. This is the “new” style of job hunting,and I don’t like it. Whatever happened to submitting your resume in person? I like the fact that I don’t have to deliver it by hand, especially to companies that I might may not have a high chance of getting a job at, or is in a different city, but this is the extreme end of the other side of the spectrum.

  15. Linda L Roush

    I too fall into the older set but what is the most frustrating is not just the pay that is being offered; and I am not being greedy; it is the fact that there is not that many jobs in my field (Accounting) here in Spokane; most of the jobs are in Western Washington.

  16. Harriet Winningham

    With the economy the way it has been, you may have skills but aren’t necessarily looking for that kind of position and if you have to, you end up forced into taking work that you decided a long time ago you didn’t want to do or you know isn’t the top of your skill chart. I can’t blame the agencies, perse, but I do blame the staff that won;t take you serious enough to help get you something that is at least workable for you.
    People have stopped caring and it shows. where is the customer caring and service that once made this country great and made people want to work.

  17. Darlene Black

    I agree with Raymond. I keep seeing jobs posted on the employment service websites. But when I see a job listed that perfectly fits my experience and skill set, I call to find out why I haven’t been contacted for an interview. I get the same speech every time, no matter which employment service I call. “If we find something that we feel you are qualified for we will call you.” So of course I mention that all of the qualifications listed in the posting fit my skill set. I am then told (every time!) that not all skills needed for the position are listed. How can I have all these skills but not have what the employer is looking for?

  18. scott miller

    The wages the temp services offer. A job that should pay $10 + an hour and they pay $8.25. Then they expect you to drive 40 min. or more for very little money. Thiss just not right.

  19. Marg S

    Not given the opportunity to work in a compnay where I can achieve and be productive. Meaning contributting to the success of the industry and for my own success and sustainability. This area does not afford opportunities for all who are educated and skilled.

  20. Laura Tobin

    Applications are handled impersonally via computer/ fax/ employment service – meaning that you are nothing but a piece of paper to be sifted through and quickly eliminated. No personal contact in the application process – unless you ‘know someone’ who can get a good word in for you with a company. Too many qualified people for too few jobs means not only no offers, but no interviews to even get a foot in the door. Being over 50 means I have experience and knowledge that employers don’t want to pay for, they would rather hire younger, cheaper, less experienced workers.

  21. angie pulsifer

    It seems I am just the opposite of most people here. I have a bachelor’s degree but cannot find a job (or even get an interview) because I have no experience.

  22. pam offenhauser

    I hear all of ya. I have 17-20 years of experience as a legal secretary/admin. assistant, but I truly believe in age discrimination! I’d pick flies off the floor if someone would just hire me and give me a chance!

  23. John

    Being treated as a temp and being treated like if you don’t do everything asked of you, you will be immediately let go to get someone else.

  24. C Nation

    I too, am in my 50’s with 22 years on one job and I can’t get hired…it has to be age discrimination. But the worst part is there is a federal law that prohibits that between the ages of 40 & 65. (I know because I used to teach law to the personnel industry). So how come I find so many times on line a requirement to show dates I attended school or graduated that give away my age and virtually all of them never call. The ones that didn’t ask call, and interview, but haven’t hired????? Biggest insult is when you get told “we went with another candidate” and you see the job listed on 4 or 5 jobs boards for 3 weeks after they said that.

  25. Patricia

    Seems like all of us that have reached 50 are in the same sinking boat when it comes to being self supporting. I also have a disability but I have worked since I was 17 without help from government (except for when I was going to school for my degree in medical office admin, 2 yrs) while my son was still at home. Now it seems that when I apply for a job I see anywhere, once the employer or agency recruiter sees me they say “we’ll call you”. Then I never here from them, not even to let me know if they have chosen someone else. It makes me not even want to try. Also, I used to say that my work is a reflection of my character but now it seems to be a bad thing since I prefer accuracy over quantity.

  26. Susan

    I have a list of frustrations:

    1) Job postings often omit salary and sometimes location. What’s the big secret? And don’t state “competitive” or “excellent” regarding salary or benefits. What are these excellent benefits? Exactly how many vacation days, etc.???

    2) I think this EOE baloney has made job hunting a nightmare because employers are forced to post jobs so they appear unbiased, when they already know who they’re hiring and you wasting your time applying.

    3) Agencies definitely post bait-and-switch ads, and they overfill the internet with baloney ads to appear like they have lots of jobs to entice job seekers to use them over other companies. And you find the same agency’s job appearing on multiple areas of the internet. It wastes so much of our time.

    4) They want you to fill out an application, send a resume, list 3 references, do a cover letter and include a writing sample – and you hear nothing, absolutely nothing in return. I’d rather them tell me to drop dead, at least then I’d know.

  27. Kim

    I’ve been a temp for 2 1/2 years with the same company. Even though they’re not hiring it seems like after reading these testimonies that I’m lucky enough to have health insurance and a pay check. Not much to look forward too but beats the alternative…I guess.

  28. Sunny S.


    My free-response answers:

    * Bad Economy.
    * Few or no jobs out there.
    * Never getting a call-back, even though I’m well qualified.
    * You’ve got to have a job to get a job.

    Perhaps the companies are down-sizing or not moving to this area.
    Perhaps the jobs are never advertised, going to friends and relatives.
    Perhaps there are no openings because workers can’t move up and are on their best behavior due to the bad economy.

    But the single-most frustrating thing is that my unique skill set is unappreciated by the decision-makers around here.

    I’m an organizer, innovator, quick learner, problem-solver and problem-avoider. Every company, regardless of industry, needs a person like me, they just don’t know it.

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