Reading and Your Career

reading_Sept2013_WebWhether you consider yourself a bookworm or prefer to stick to comic strips and movies, your ability to read is a privilege – a privilege that more than 780 million adults across the globe lack. Nearly two-thirds of those illiterate adults are women, and an additional 94 to 115 million children won’t receive an education at all. In light of this worldwide need, International Literacy Day will be held on Sunday, Sept. 8, to help draw attention to the literacy needs of people everywhere.  The power to read can unlock doors and change lives. Check out this video.

For 2013, the theme of the day is “Invent Your Future.” The specific goal of this slogan is to “shine a light on the crucial literacy skills that prime students for success in school, work, and life,” as stated by the International Reading Association.  Beyond simply being a required skill for most jobs, reading has some major benefits for your career path, especially if you read the right stuff.

The Benefits
Ultimately, you are in control of your future. Where you end up professionally is largely based on your abilities to learn, grow, adapt, and communicate, all of which can be gained through reading. There are many benefits that come from reading, but there are a few that directly correlate to your career growth.

Reading can:

  • Expand your knowledge and understanding.
  • Provide good conversation starters.
  • Make you look intelligent.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your written and verbal communication skills.

And the list goes on.

Finding the Best Reading Materials
Depending on your industry and career goals, what you read will probably vary from what your friends and even your co-workers read. But, there are some books and resources that can help just about anyone in their career. Here are some great resources to help you know where to start:

  • Forbes Best Books to Boost Your Career in 2013
  • 15 Books That Will Help You Prosper and Be Happy in Your Career from BrazenCareerist
  • CareerBuilder 5 Books That Will Help Your Career
  • The Top 75 Websites for Your Career from Forbes

Even if you don’t consider yourself a great reader, why not make it a goal to read at least one career- focused book in September? Do it in observance of Literacy Day. Do it in honor of all those who can’t. Do it to take control and advance your career. You’ll be a better employee, and person, because of it.
What are some specific books or blogs that you’ve found to be helpful to your career? Are there other benefits of reading that you’ve discovered in your professional life? Please share below!


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