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Holiday Jobs – Could Lead to Full-Time Work

Holiay_Jobs_Oct2013Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com, is going on a hiring binge according to USAToday. The electronic-commerce pioneer is planning to add more than 70,000 full-time seasonal U.S. jobs. The positions will be located within Amazon’s fulfillment centers for the holidays and are intended to meet increased seasonal retail demand.
“So far this year, we have converted more than 7,000 temporary employees in the U.S. into full-time, regular roles and we’re looking forward to converting thousands more after this holiday season,” said Dave Clark, Amazon’s vice-president.

Helpful Holiday Job Hints
When looking for employment, some people favor waiting for a full-time job versus taking a temporary role. However, what many people don’t realize is that most temporary and seasonal positions offer a chance at full-time employment and much more.

Not only can temporary jobs provide you with extra money during the holiday season, they also give you the opportunity to quick start your career and the chance to make additional professional connections. Holiday jobs also have the potential to help with seasonal expenses. Is applying for a holiday job part of your plan to handle holiday expenses? Answer us in our poll: How Do You Plan To Handle Holiday Expenses?