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How to Re-enter the Workforce

reenterworkforce_oct2013Many people are facing the challenge of trying to get back in the workforce. With the unemployment rate lower than it’s been since the recession, families are looking for ways to gain a much needed paycheck. President and CEO of The LaSalle Network, Tom Gimbel, shared tips with Fox Business News on how stay-at-home parents and people who have been without a job for a while can transition back into the workforce.

Be Honest About Resume Gaps

People may try to make up for their insecurities after being a stay-at-home parent by embellishing their resume. Some might exaggerate the time spent at a previous job or add false information, but what these people may not know is how easy it is for employers to verify those sources and references. It’s very important to be open and honest while writing your resume.

Use Family Connections
A family member could be very helpful in networking. There are many parents at your children’s school who may know of job leads or have a network that could potentially help you find one. Don’t hesitate to communicate your need for employment with family members. You may be one conversation away from a new job!

Be Open About Career Exploration
During your job search, remember the skills you have may not be as applicable in today’s economy as they were years ago. Be open to jobs that come your way even if it’s not in the same industry as your previous position. Being open to career exploration is about expanding your abilities and knowledge.

Lose Your Ego
Be aware that technology is always changing and if you’ve been out of work for more than a couple years, you may not have the technology savvy that many other people have. Maybe you aren’t going to earn what you think you’re worth right off the bat and may have to take a pay cut just to get started again, but don’t give up, be persistent. Gimbel said in his interview with Fox Business News, “You may have to take a step back to take five steps forward.”

For more information and tips on how to re-enter the workforce, check out this video.