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3 Things to Know About Facebook Graph Search

Facebook_GraphSearch_Oct2013The Facebook Graph Search helps people explore Facebook in a whole new way. In the past, Facebook has been about staying in touch and communicating with people you know. Now it’s a helpful tool for finding people you should know, people you have common interests with, and people you could possibly work for in the future. Graph Search allows people to search for posts, pictures, interests, locations, and activities. Whether you’re posting about what you did last summer, where you had lunch today, or updating your most recent work experience, people can see it. For more information on how Graph Search works and ways to change your privacy settings, visit Facebook search privacy.

A New Way to Network
Not only is Facebook a great way to stay connected, with this new feature, it’s also a great way to network. Keep your profile up-to-date, and if you choose to upload pictures, make sure they’re professional looking. Social media networks like Facebook can help recruiters determine if you’ll be a good fit or not. So instead of just sharing your life story, make sure to share your work history. You never know when potential employers will notice you.

Facebook = Digital Resume
Consider your Facebook a digital resume and keep it clean. Keep your profile up-to-date with your job status and work history, and also keep that information public so employers can search and find you. If this news seems like Facebook is allowing too much, don’t worry. Recruiters can only see the information that each user marks as public.

You Can Control Who Sees Your Profile and Information
In the “About” section on your Facebook profile, you can change your basic information like you would on your resume. You can also manage your “activity log” including photos and status updates you’ve shared. For more information on privacy settings, visit Facebook search privacy.

For more ways to proactively use your Facebook for job searching, check this out.

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