Poll Summary Results: Managing Millennials

Millenial_Poll_SummaryIn our most recent poll, we asked how you think Millennial employees want to be managed. The results showed that Millennial employees are positively impacting the business world.

With more than 45% of the votes, the most popular answer was, “with the freedom and flexibility to do their work on their own terms – as long as deadlines are met and with high-quality results,” followed by “with a critical role in building the company’s innovative edge and the freedom to take full advantage of their tech-savvy and forward-thinking personality.”

Coming in at 18.3%, “through constant praise; this is the generation that grew up with trophies and awards for everything” placed third in the poll.

Another 4.92% of respondents believe, “Millennial employees need to be managed like all the other employees, because special treatment isn’t awarded to anyone else.”

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