Three Tips for a Video Interview

3_Tips_Video_interview_webAs more and more companies become comfortable with technology, video interviewing is becoming more common in the recruiting process for many employers. Video interviews allow you to have an in-person connection without meeting face-to-face. Technology is making many aspects of our lives easier than ever before, even the job search and interview processes. So how do you ensure you’re ready for a video interview? Here are three tips to make a great first impression.

1.    Prepare Yourself

Preparation is key to success in any interview. Prepare yourself by researching the company you’re applying for. You need to gather as much information as you can about the job you are applying for and the company you’re interviewing with. Advance preparation will not only help you determine the right questions to ask, but it will also show you’re taking the interview seriously. The more you know, the more direct your answers will be. Remember to speak clearly and with confidence.

2.    Posture Matters
Your body language indicates how focused and interested you are in a conversation, so be aware of how you carry yourself at all times. Always face the interviewer and remember to keep body movement minimal. The more movement there is, the more distractions there may be.

3.    The Camera is Your Best Friend
Keeping eye contact with the camera is very important. Looking away from the camera may cause the people on the other end to wonder what you’re looking at and it will seem as if you’re not interested. Although looking around may help you gather your thoughts, do your best to look forward and remain engaged. Make sure your camera is placed at eye level and a couple feet away from your face. The objective is to present yourself from your shoulders up.

It seems obvious, but do everything in your power to make the video interview as professional as possible. Like any technology, video chatting can have some technical hiccups. Speak slowly and clearly, because sometimes there may be a delay in the audio transfer. Remember to smile, be confident, and prepare to ace your interview. Always follow up and let the interviewer know you are thankful for their time and consideration.

Do you have any additional tips on how to prepare for a video interview?  Share them in the comments section below.


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