Maximize Your Seasonal Job

Seasonal_Job_Dec2013Have you ever wondered if your seasonal job could potentially lead to a full-time opportunity?  If you take the right steps, there’s a great chance that it can. Throughout the holidays, managers pay close attention to holiday help. They look to see which temporary employees have the characteristics and skills of full-time and long-term employees. Many seasonal employees may plan to work for only a few weeks, but some people desire to keep their position long after Christmas. If you’re interested in staying on full-time or working at the same place again next year, here are a few ideas to keep in mind as your seasonal work wraps up.

Impress the Boss
If you desire to keep your seasonal job, it’s important to show your boss you mean business. In some sense, a seasonal job is like an extended interview. So if you want to become a full-time employee and work more than just during the holiday season, impress your boss with your actions and work ethic. It’s also okay to let your manager know about your wish to work full-time. Let them know how much you’re enjoying yourself. Managers like to know their employees are excited about coming to work every day. Tell your boss you would be able to help during other peak times and ask when they expect that to be so you can follow up.

Be Personable
Attitude matters. Employers appreciate employees who get along with customers and co-workers. Customer service is an important quality to have. With the high traffic and busyness of the holidays, people can be rude and lack manners, especially when they’re shopping through crowds and looking for last-minute gifts. To handle not-to-so nice people, it’s necessary for businesses to have employees who show great customer service and holiday cheer.

Stay Positive
Keep in mind, your manager may not be able to hire you full-time at the end of the season, but he or she will likely be willing to write a letter of recommendation, which can help you find employment at another company.Get the most out of your experience. Update your resume with your recent assignment; connect with your new contacts on LinkedIn. Let your manager know if you are looking for full-time work and if they can keep you in mind if they hear of anything. Follow up in a few months with an update on your current employment status.

Do you have tips on how to keep a holiday job?  Share with us in the comments section below.


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