Poll: What are Your Biggest Triggers of Stress at Work?

A recent study by CareerBuilder.com shows that more than half of the people in the workforce carry a great deal of stress. Since April 1 marks the beginning of Stress Awareness Month, we want to know your biggest triggers of workplace stress. Let us know by voting in our poll.

See the results from the poll here.

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  2. Shawna

    Having just a few people that will not pull their weight in the department, along with a lack of leadership to stop such behavior makes it difficult to come to work every day. Hard working, intelligent employees frequently leave the organization because they end up doing the slackers job as well as their own. The slackers never leave because there are no negative consequences for not doing their work.

    1. Drue

      I agree Shawna…worked at just such an organization and it caused tremendous health issues. Took 8 months to get it all under control.

  3. mike cuniffe

    experience middle management replaced with inexperienced young personnel. Also no consistency in messages from upper management and mid mgmt. Conflicting messages and hiprocracy. Workload is that of 1.50 to 2 people in the same time frame.

    An ad campaign in past for ice cream stated “flavor of the month”. More often in the workplace today it is flavor of the HOUR !

  4. Tom

    Ever increasing workloads and responsibilities, all for the sake of cutting back and saving money. Inability of leadership to recognize breaking points of employees. Increased workloads on veteran employees to cover for those individuals who for whatever reason cannot “pull their workload”, or do the job at all. Refusal of management to recognize work-life balance needs of employees. Refusal of management to recognize individual effort above and beyond required levels… The list goes on and on.

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