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Survey Reveals Three Things to do in Your Job Search

3ThingsToDoInJobSearch_June2013_webRecently, Express Employment Professionals surveyed the unemployed in both the U.S. and Canada to uncover current job search activity and the mindset of the unemployed. More than 1,500 unemployed adults in both the U.S. and Canada were surveyed by Harris Poll, revealing what the jobless are doing to find work. From this research, we want to offer our Movin’ on Up readers three pieces of advice to improve your job search.

  1. Work Full-Time on Your Job Search
    Looking for a job is a job in itself, and Sean Harry, writer for Careeralism, recommends your job search should take up about 30 hours per week. In our recent survey, 36% of unemployed Americans and 32% of unemployed Canadians spent five hours or fewer a week looking for work. Don’t just think about searching job boards online and sending in applications. Invest time into networking and building contacts within companies where you want to work. Jacquelyn Smith recently shared in a Forbes article that 80% of available jobs are never advertised. In this case, networking and personal connections are key.
  2. Keep Your Search Wide
    For some job seekers, finding a job in your current location may be more difficult than if you considered moving. However, in our survey of the unemployed, 37% of Canadians and 44% of Americans are “not at all willing” to move to a new city/town for a job. If possible, consider employment opportunities outside your current area as a way to increase your opportunities.
  3. Be Open To Learning
    64% of U.S. respondents and 51% of Canadian respondents “have no plans to go back to school to make themselves more marketable.” While the cost of education could be a deterrent, job seekers can explore vocational and apprenticeship programs as an affordable way to gain new skills.

Staying positive during your job search can be hard, so consider seeking help by applying through a staffing company such as Express Employment Professionals. Just 24% of the unemployed in the U.S. and 31% of unemployed Canadians are using an employment agency/temporary staffing agency to find work.
What job search activities do you find to be most effective? Share with us in the comments section below.

This research on the unemployed is part of an ongoing series by Express on the state of employment, and who gets hired and why. To learn more, visit America Employed and Canada Employed.

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