The Results Are In: What Did You Gain out of Your Summer Internship?

internship_poll_webIn a recent poll, we asked what you believe you gained out of your summer internship. The results show that, overall, Movin’ On Up readers feel their summer internship was a great way to get hands-on experience in their career of choice. In fact, 67% of respondents stated that their experience was the most prevalent thing they took away from their internships, while 33% of respondents shared that their internships were simply ways for them to meet an educational requirement.

Getting an Internship
It’s clear that summer internships are a great way for college students and recent graduates to gain some real-world experience before heading back to school or entering the workforce. But, internships aren’t only found during the summer months. In fact, fall and spring semester internships are nearly just as common.

If you’re looking for an internship, consider taking the Internship Predictor Poll from for an intricate look at what programs would be great for you. Then, visit one of the several places available to find opportunities near you. Your school or university may be an excellent resource for finding the perfect internship. If you’re a recent graduate, check with your school’s alumni office to see if they have ways to help their graduates find internships. Career fairs are also a great way to get your foot in the door by asking about potential opportunities. And, you can always contact your local Express Employment Professionals office to see what jobs they have available.

If you had a summer internship, how did you find out about it? Share with us in the comments section below!

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