“Ask a Recruiter” Advice Column Coming Soon

ask_a_recruiterHere on the Movin’ On Up blog, we strive to provide readers with useful, timely, and informative content that can help improve job searches, interviews, resumes, and more. While it’s our goal to help job seekers better prepare for their job search, we know that we can’t always answer all of your questions. That’s why we’re introducing our new column, “Ask a Recruiter.”

Like advice columns you may find in newspapers and magazines, “Ask a Recruiter” will feature questions asked by Movin’ On Up readers. Those questions will be answered by a panel of industry experts, from recruiters to staffing consultants, and posted right here on the blog.

The first “Ask a Recruiter” column will be featured soon, but first we need questions from you! Do you have any questions about the job search, hiring, or recruiting process? Is there something about resumes, interviews, or networking that confuses you? Now’s your chance to have your question answered by industry professionals who find, interview, and hire people every day.

Ask your question in the comments section below and check back soon to read what our experts have to say!

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  2. Amanda Riemensnyder

    When filling out job applications, should you include short term jobs or ones that resulted in termination? I would think it looks bad, but isn’t lying on an application frowned upon?

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