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“Ask a Recruiter” Advice Column Coming Soon

ask_a_recruiterHere on the Movin’ On Up blog, we strive to provide readers with useful, timely, and informative content that can help improve job searches, interviews, resumes, and more. While it’s our goal to help job seekers better prepare for their job search, we know that we can’t always answer all of your questions. That’s why we’re introducing our new column, “Ask a Recruiter.”

Like advice columns you may find in newspapers and magazines, “Ask a Recruiter” will feature questions asked by Movin’ On Up readers. Those questions will be answered by a panel of industry experts, from recruiters to staffing consultants, and posted right here on the blog.

The first “Ask a Recruiter” column will be featured soon, but first we need questions from you! Do you have any questions about the job search, hiring, or recruiting process? Is there something about resumes, interviews, or networking that confuses you? Now’s your chance to have your question answered by industry professionals who find, interview, and hire people every day.

Ask your question in the comments section below and check back soon to read what our experts have to say!

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8 Keys for Success in 2015: Tips for Living a Peak Performer’s Life

walterbond_webAre you looking for success in 2015? What does success mean for you? Maybe it’s finding a new job, getting a promotion, or switching careers. Whatever your goal is this year, it’s important that you have the motivation and tools to achieve it. According to former professional basketball player and motivational speaker Walter Bond, there are eight keys to success that can help you be your best in 2015.

“What I want to do right now is be your friend and I want to give you some great information to make sure your new year is awesome,” Walter says. “I want you to take everything about your life to the next level.”

As part of his year-long series of motivational messages, Walter Bond discusses the importance of positive self-talk, prioritizing your goals, owning your mistakes, continuing to learn, and more. Check out the full message below.

Which of Walter’s eight keys to success resonates most for you? What are you doing to help you reach your goals this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

About Walter Bond
A former professional basketball player, Walter Bond’s NBA career included 153 games with the Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, and Detroit Pistons. Now, Walter takes what he learned from his life on the court and translates it into motivational and educational messages for thriving businesses and careers. With entertaining and dynamic messages, Walter has spoken to companies and associations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.

For more information about Walter Bond, visit

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The Results Are In: What Are Your Job Market Predictions for 2015?

job_market_predictions_2015_webAs 2014 wrapped up, we asked Movin’ On Up readers to reflect on the year by sharing their predictions for the job market in 2015. It’s a question we’ve asked for several years in a row, and the results have been anything but consistent.

Three Years of Results
This year, the majority of readers (35%) answered that the job market is “good enough to test the waters and see what else is out there for me.” In 2014, 35% of readers decided that “things are going to get worse before they get better,” while 35% of readers selected “I’m definitely getting a job offer or promotion this year” in 2013.

This trend suggests that 2013 was a year of hope for many job seekers who had an optimistic outlook after the Great Recession. In 2014, however, those hopes were dashed as job seekers may have shifted to a negative outlook on the job market. This year, it seems that job seekers are taking a more neutral stance. While the market is improving, the majority of readers believe it’s strong enough to up their job seeking efforts in 2015.

Other responses to this year’s poll included 27% of readers who decided that “things are going to get worse before they get better,” 17% of readers who reported “I’m definitely getting a job offer or promotion this year,” and 11% who chose “I’m staying where I am. I don’t expect things to get better.”

Additionally, 9% of respondents selected the “Other” option in our poll and left responses including:

  • “I’m still in school, so I’m waiting to get a different job.”
  • “Structural income problems in America need addressing.”
  • “Expect to stay unemployed.”

Predictions for the New Year
As we enter 2015, many people are testing the job searching waters. And according to MarketWatch, it may be a good time to do so. “Businesses are already responding,” the website reported in a recent study of the U.S. economy. “Job openings in November [2014] hit the second highest level in 14 years. In another telltale sign, people are quitting jobs at the fastest rate in five years. Research shows that people who quit one job for another typically do so because they are offered higher pay.”

Prepare for Your Job Search
If you’re one of those job seekers who is hopeful enough to send your resume around or even try for a career change, make sure you’re prepared to reach your goal. For an additional boost to your efforts, check out these recent Movin’ On Up articles:

And don’t forget about the “New Year, New Job” online event hosted by Express Employment Professionals on Wednesday, Jan. 21. For more information about the event, click here.

Do you notice any trends in the past three years’ poll results? Do you think the job market is on its way up? Let us know in the comments section below!

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5 Traits of a Great Mentor

5_traits_of_a_good_mentor_webThe concept of having a mentor to help you in your career and professional growth is nothing new. In fact, it’s common to hear of everyone from doctors and lawyers to teachers and entrepreneurs having a mentor. But, the mentorships of today may look different from what you anticipated or remembered.

A Huffington Post article defines mentoring as a “partnership where a ‘mentee’ is assigned to a more experienced ‘mentor’, who passes on valuable aspects of their own accumulated experience and wisdom for the benefit of the mentee’s personal and professional development.” However, as the same article explains, mentoring has evolved and often both individuals play the roles of mentor and mentee. For instance, now “mentors gain an understanding of the world view of another generation and equally, mentees can help senior colleagues to see new perspectives and shifts in societal behavior, for instance, the growing importance of social networks.”

So if you’re on a quest to find the right mentor, you need to sit up and pay attention. This shake-up in the roles and expectations associated with mentoring affects what you should look for in a mentor. Not only do you need to consider if someone will be a good mentor in the traditional sense, you also need to contemplate if the person will be a good “student.” To help you sift through your options, here are five traits that set a great mentor apart.

A mentoring relationship is based on communication, and the most important aspect of communication is listening. You want a mentor who understands the difference between hearing and listening – someone who strives to understand what you’re trying to say. This is crucial when you’re trying to describe a situation in order to get their input, as well as when you’re trying to explain a new concept, such as social media.

Young At Heart
There are some people who have always been old at heart, while there are others who will always be young at heart. When you’re looking for a mentor, find someone who is the latter. Certainly, if you’re helping your mentor understand the differences in work culture or between the generations, it will make your job easier. But, it will also help mentors relate to you and give better advice if they remember what it was like to be young.

It takes a courageous person to open up and be honest at the level required for a truly successful mentorship. But even beyond that, you need to find a mentor who has had some major career failures and yet still had the courage to keep trying. The more mistakes someone has bounced back from, the more experience they’ll have to share and the more helpful they’ll be as a mentor. Plus, this will be the kind of mentor who isn’t afraid to ask questions and learn new things from you.

If you want to get the most out of a mentoring relationship – with both of you giving and taking – you want a mentor who is teachable. While a know-it-all advisor might be helpful for a while, you’ll soon get tired of the attitude and start wishing for someone more open minded. This is something you really want to pinpoint because it ultimately goes back to expectations. Does your mentor just want to give you advice and tell you what to do? Or does your mentor want a reciprocal relationship so he or she can learn new things from you too?

Inquisitive people are generally successful people, which is exactly what you want in a mentor. You need someone who is curious about your life and wants to know how to help. A naturally curious person will encourage your own curiosity and push you to never stop learning. That need-to-know drive will also ensure the mentorship is a two-way relationship, with your mentor learning from you as well.

Mentoring is no longer the one-way street it once was. An article from Forbes echoes the same sentiment and explains that, “Effective mentorship relationships enrich both people.” So make sure you keep that in mind as you seek out a mentor. A great mentor will also make a great mentee.

Do you have a trusted mentor you go to for advice? What do you find valuable about that relationship? Share with us in the comments section below!

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How To Tie a Windsor Knot

windsor_knotLooking professional both in interviews and on the job is an important element of your career life. To help you add a professional look to your wardrobe, we want to share easy how-to instructions for wearing common tie knots. In the first of our series, check out how to tie the Windsor knot below.




Step One: Start with the wide end of your necktie on the right. The wide end should extend a few inches below the narrow end.


Step Two: Cross the wide end over the narrow end.



Steps Three and Four: Bring the wide end through the loop created between your collar and tie.


Step Five: Pull the wide end back down.


Step Six: Pull the wide end underneath the narrow end. Pull to the right.


Step Seven: Then bring the wide end back to the left.


Step Eight: Pull the wide end through the loop again.


Step Nine: Pull the wide end all the way up through the loop.


Step 10: Then, pull the wide end down through the knot in the front of the tie.


Step 11: Using both hands, tighten the knot.


Step 12: Carefully draw the knot up closer to your collar.


Step 13: Give the finished product a look over before you head out the door.

Were you able to conquer the Windsor knot? Share these how-to instructions with friends or on social media by sending them this article or by using the image below. And, keep watching Movin’ On Up for more tie tricks!


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New Year, New Job! Enhance Your Chances of Getting Hired

new_year_new_job_webAs the final minutes of 2014 slipped away, many people pledged their New Year’s resolutions for 2015. What did you pledge? Exercise more, eat healthier, read new books, wake up earlier?

If you chose to find a new job as your resolution in 2015, Express Employment Professionals is hosting a free online event that could help you reach your goal.

Many people are stumped on where to look for jobs, how to write a resume, or how to prepare for an interview. Since so much has changed in the world of job seeking, those wanting a new and rewarding career need to stay up to date on top trends and best practices.

Tell Me More
This new educational online event is designed specifically to enhance your chances of getting hired. “New Year, New Job” is an exclusive free event that allows you to attend from the comfort of your own home. The online job seekers’ event will let you:

  • Learn the details of each step of the job hunt process
  • Chat with a recruiter about best practices
  • Discover practical leadership lessons from the experts
  • Connect with other resources to amplify your job search
  • Win prizes
  • See the jobs Express has available

Need Another Reason?
Job seekers with the new career resolution can also win prizes during the “New Year, New Job” online event to help them with their search. For instance, those who download resources, participate in chats, and watch videos can win:

  • A Power Bank Rechargeable Battery Charger
  • An eBook download of the eBook “Think. Execute. Dominate. 31 Truths to Boost Peak Performance,” by motivational speaker and former NBA player Walter Bond
  • A DVD presentation “No One Can Stop You, But You!” featuring Walter Bond
  • A copy of “The Emerging Leader,” by Express vice president of franchising David Lewis

But, Wait! There’s More
Register today for the live event, taking place from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 21. Just signing up for the event registers you to win a Bluetooth speaker.

So if you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution you can stick to and that can really pay off in 2015, sign up today for “New Year, New Job” hosted by Express Employment Professionals.

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