How To Tie a Kelvin Knot

windsor_knotLooking professional both in interviews and on the job is an important element of your professional career life. To help you add a professional look to your wardrobe, we want to share easy how-to instructions for wearing common tie knots.

In January, we shared instructions for completing the popular Windsor knot. This month, check out how to tie the Kelvin knot below.


Step One: Flip up your collar and turn your tie around so that the stitched sides are showing. The wider end should hang down a bit longer than the narrow end.


Step Two: Cross the narrow end over the wider end.



Steps Three and Four: Use the wider end of the tie to create a tight wrap around the narrow end.


Step Five: Continue wrapping the tie.


Step Six: Create a second wrap around the narrow end. This time, leave a loop on the top of the tie so you can secure the knot.


Step Seven: Take the wide end of the tie and push it through the area between the collar and the part of the tie that goes around your neck.


Step Eight: Pull the wide end through the loop you’ve just created.


Step Nine: Pull the wide end all the way up through the loop.


Step 10: The wide end should be all the way through and laying over the narrower end.


Step 11: Using both hands, tighten the knot.


Step 12: Carefully draw the knot up closer to your collar. Give the finished product a look over before you head out the door.

Were you able to conquer the Kelvin knot? Share these how-to instructions with friends or on social media by sending them this article or by using the image below. Keep watching Movin’ On Up for more tie tricks!

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