Poll: How Does Your Company Promote Health and Wellness?

MOV_POLL-ICONStaying healthy is an important part of your life, and many employers recognize that your wellness shouldn’t be hindered at the office. In an effort to help you stay on track with your fitness goals, many companies offer health and wellness benefits, programs, or resources in the workplace. Wellness programs range from health education, coaching, medical screenings, access to a gym, and more.

The attention to health and wellness that employers provide may even affect your job search. Since your health is important wherever you go, wellness programs inside the workplace may be a determining factor in your decision whether or not to accept a position at a particular company.

We want to know how your current employer promotes health and wellness. If you’re currently looking for a job, did any of your past employers promote health and wellness? Let us know by voting in our poll!

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  2. Terry jones

    I am currently working for Coburn supply in bossier city and just love it. My only complaint is there are 2 big smokers that work here (1 in the office and thee other in his office in the warehouse. The office smoker goes outside just so so. About 1/2 the time he smokes inside the door. I am alergic to smoke and it just kills me. I’m torn about what to do about this job. I like the people and the work is ok so I’m torn about what to do.

    1. Movin' On Up


      Sorry to hear that you’re torn about the job. Were you hired by Express for this job? If so, have you tried contacting your local Express office about this issue? Maybe they can help by talking to your boss so you don’t have to.

  3. Rob Wold

    Thanks for adopting a foundation of respect for those who perform professionally in the trades they have acquired varied levels of skill in.

    This attitude always pays back in terms of collateral qualities such as client appreciation and worker loyalty, a win win on both sides of the work table.

    Rob Wold
    New Orleans

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