Poll: Have You Considered Being an Independent Contractor?

MOV_POLL-ICONWhen it comes to the workforce, there are a number of different job types available, including full-time, part-time, temporary, and independent contractor work. An independent contractor is a person that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or verbal agreement. They do not work regularly for an employer and are usually paid on a freelance basis.

Fortune Magazine reports that 42 million people in the American workforce are freelance or contract workers, and the U.S. Department of Labor predicts that this number will grow to 65 million in the next five years. Given this growing popularity, we want to know if you’ve ever considered being an independent contractor. Let us know by voting in our poll!

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  2. Robert Roquemore

    I have worked volunteer status for almost 8 years, mostly as a missionary. I have also done individual taxes and other freelance work. With a bachelor’s degree in both accounting and business administration, I would love to pursue either financial consulting or business consulting.

  3. Trish Ross

    I am an HSEQ Specialist who also offers OSHA 10,30 and First Aid/CPR/AED training. I was hired by a Contractor PreQualification company a year ago and was caught up (once again) in a Workforce Reduction.

    I’ve decided to just simply be a consultant for the rest of my career. With good financial planning and networking this is the way to go in this business/economic climate. There are many challenges and consulting is not for everyone, especially if they do not have good personal discipline, strong work ethic and thick skin.

    My suggestion to anyone who is tired of the “rat race” is to truly assess all of your skills and knowledge, choose a set direction of services to offer, improve on them and get out there. But be sure you always set aside 25-50% for all taxes and have at least 12 months of savings to sustain during lean times and handle life’s emergencies.

    Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing. Everyone you talk to must see your passion and drive in order to be a successful contractor who gets referrals and long term clients. Give yourself a break and remember to also spend time enjoying your family, friends and personal hobbies.

    TIP: Confidentiality is key…..don’t be a gossip or a “Downer Joe”. You never know who or what may destroy all the hard work and effort you’ve put in.

    TIP: Join organizations and be active, starting with those that revolve around your services. Give back to your community.

    TIP: Have professional business cards made with a bit of detail of what you offer….ALWAYS carry a good stack and keep plenty in you car.

    TIP: If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT or communicate to them why it cannot be done and find them a referral or solution where required.

    TIP: Do NOT include your networking group or clients in your “Fun Forwarding” group. That shows a lack of respect for their time.

    DO keep in touch with them periodically and send them an article or information on something that you run across pertaining to THEIR business or known personal interests.

    TIP: DO be personable and ask about their family or interests but don’t go overboard trying to be their best buddy. It’s annoying unless they specifically invite you to be.

  4. Andrea

    I would love to be an independent contractor, . That way i could work for companies that would value home workers so they don’thave all the paper hassle’sof an employee and the home worker could accept more then just one employer(client) and make more money , because , one has to admit it , 13.00 to 15.00 per hour is just not cutting it anymore!~ NOT if you really like to live and have enough to go out to eat and have at least a little fun every once in a while. Despite what the government tells us, we are not getting better , we are losing , income is staying the same but groceries and medical cost are going sky-high! YES i want to be an independent agent, and have as many work at home jobs , with no childcare or gasoline costs! ,

  5. Emelda LLenas

    I would love to be hired as a Freelancer. I am currently looking for a job as Medical Interpreter (Freelancer) with different agencies who are looking for freelancer employees.

  6. Manu

    Still looking for a temp, contractual or part time job. Work at home would also be ok.

    I like doing volunteer work but need a paying job too

  7. James Bryant

    I have worked as an independent contractor in the Trucking/Transportation industry. I love the freedom of setting my own schedule and being able to charge clients what my expertise and time is actually worth and then valuing that time and expertise.

    I would love to work as an independent contractor in my current field of expertise which is Information Technologies.

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