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How To Tie a Simple Knot

windsor_knotLooking professional both in interviews and on the job is an important element of your professional life. To help add a professional look to your wardrobe, we want to share easy how-to instructions for wearing common tie knots.

Recently, we shared instructions for completing the Windsor knotKelvin knot, and bow tie. This month, check out how to tie a Simple knot below.


Step One: Start with the wide end of the tie on your right side and the narrow end on your left.


Step Two: Cross the wide end over the narrow end.


Step Three: Bring the wide end under the narrow end.


Step Four: Cross the wide end over the narrow end again.


Step Five: Bring the wide end through the loop you’ve created.


Step Six: Pull the wide end through.


Step Seven: Making sure the wide end is on top, begin to straighten out the tie.


Step Eight: Before you head out the door, check out your new tie in the mirror and make sure it’s ready to go!

Were you able to conquer the Simple knot? Share these how-to instructions with friends or on social media by sending them this article or by using the image below. Keep watching Movin’ On Up for more tie tricks!

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