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Poll Summary Results: How would you prepare for a highly skilled job?

poll_results_highly_skilled_work_webWith the evolution of technology, the skills gap, or the lack of qualified workers to fill highly skilled jobs, has become a very hot topic. In fact, according to a survey by Express Employment Professionals, 53% of  employers reported difficulty filling jobs. Since many of these jobs require higher education or experience, we asked how you would prepare for a highly skilled job.

What the Survey Revealed
With 160 votes, the survey revealed that more than 60% of readers are willing to learn new skills or take courses to prepare for a highly skilled job. The results of their answers break down as follows:

  • Learn new skills through work or volunteering – 30.63%
  • Pursue higher education (college or career tech) – 30.00%
  • Find a mentor – 18.13%
  • Join an industry organization – 11.88%
  • Change careers – 5.63%
  • Other – 3.75%

Of the 3.75% who selected “Other,” responses included:

  • Network
  • Research the job and its industry
  • Short-term occupational training

Doing What It Takes
Results of the poll indicate that readers will do what it takes to help them get a highly skilled and sought-after job—exactly the type of quality that employers look for in their highly skilled workforce. To become the right candidate for these jobs, job seekers may need to explore higher education or training to sharpen their skills. Think outside the box and get that job you’ve always dreamed about. For more insight on job training, check out these articles:

Have you taken steps to prepare for a highly skilled job? Do you have any tips for others who want to take that step?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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