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The Results Are In: Do You Plan On Looking for Seasonal Work This Year?

results_holidayhiring2_webThe holiday season is quickly approaching, which means many businesses are starting to gear up for the busiest time of year. Since some employers look to staffing companies to keep up with the peak shopping season, we wanted to know if Movin’ On Up readers plan to look for seasonal work this year.

The Results Are In
The results from our poll suggest that 84% of readers plan on looking for seasonal work. Of that percentage, 34% responded that “seasonal jobs could lead to permanent work after the holidays,” and 50% said that “seasonal jobs are a great way to bring in additional income during the holidays.”

Only 6% of those surveyed reported that they don’t have any interest in finding seasonal work, and 4% said they’d rather find something more permanent instead. An additional 5% of respondents hadn’t yet decided whether or not they plan to look for seasonal work.

Compared to 2014
The number of people who plan to look for seasonal work increased when compared to the same poll from 2014. Last year, 76% of readers planned to look for holiday work. While 4% of readers said they’d rather find something more permanent in 2015, 9% responded this way in 2014.

There are many benefits to working seasonal jobs during the holidays, including the potential for full-time employment, training, and additional income.

According to our poll, four out of five jobseekers plan to look for work this holiday season. Are you one of those jobseekers? Have you secured a seasonal job in the past? Share your holiday hiring success stories in the comments section below!

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