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Poll Results: What Are Your Job Market Predictions for 2016?

job_market_predictions_2015_webWe recently asked Movin’ On Up readers to reflect on 2015 by sharing their predictions for the job market in the new year. It’s a question we’ve asked for several years in a row, and the results have usually varied.

Four Years of Results
This year, the majority of readers (34%) answered that the market is “good enough to test the waters and see what else is out there for me.” This number closely matches last year’s poll, which revealed that 35% of readers felt good about the job market.

In fact, last year’s results are almost identical to this year’s. Take a look at these results:

“It’s good enough to test the waters.”

  • 2014: 35%
  • 2015: 34%

“Things are going to get worse before they get better.”

  • 2014: 27%
  • 2015: 25%

“I’m definitely getting a job offer or promotion this year.”

  • 2014: 17%
  • 2015: 18%

“I’m staying where I am. I don’t expect things to get better.”

  • 2014: 11%
  • 2015: 11%

This year, 12% of respondents selected the “Other” option and left responses including:

  • Uncertain
  • Jobs are moving out of the office and online
  • No jobs for those aged 50 or above
  • Get an advanced degree

Do you notice any trends based on these results? Do you think the job market is on its way up? Let us know in the comments section below!

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