Why Do People Reject Job Offers?

12-21 Job Offer2If you’ve been in a job search for a long time, it may seem incomprehensible that someone could reject a job offer. After perfecting your resume, crafting a cover letter, gathering your references, applying, preparing for an interview, interviewing, following up, and waiting to hear from your interviewer, it seems like a job offer would be a fantastic reward, right? Not always.

In fact, Express Employment Professionals recently released a new survey that reveals why applicants turn down job offers and why workers leave the jobs they have.

Respondents were asked, “What hurdles stop you from staying on a job?,” and the top answer was pay with 61% of votes. Also selected were schedule (42%), hours (41%), and advancement/opportunity (28%). Take a look at the graphic below for the full poll results.


Would any of these factors stop you from taking a job? Have you turned down an offer due to one of these, or other, reasons? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  2. Marlies Johnson

    Pay, schedule, hours, and lack of advancement opportunities are all reasons that I’ve declined job offers this year alone.

  3. Cynthia

    I have left jobs for the reasons listed above. I have bills to pay and if getting back and forth to work, plus lunch, dress clothes, cost me more than I make it’s not worth the job. I have taken jobs been promised things that didn’t happen and cost me money. Hours, pay, lack of advancement time to go elsewhere.

  4. jma

    One that’s not listed (although i suppose it could fit under transportation) is location. I hate driving in the snow. The closer to home the better. I have had job offers where the job was sold to me as being in one place, but then it turns out it was really at another location for the company.

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