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Tidy Up Your Work Wardrobe

Pile of clothes_blog1When spring arrives, the urge to purge unwanted clutter hits, and homes everywhere get a thorough dose of spring cleaning. Though we may organize and clean out our closets, tossing a few pieces of clothing out along the way, we sometimes keep outdated, ill-fitting work clothes, or just add more to our wardrobes without assessing what looks sharp and professional.

Before purchasing new clothes or wearing outdated looks, try these simple tips to tidy up your work wardrobe without spending much money.

Minimize What You Have
Most people have too many items in their closets that they don’t wear, don’t feel comfortable in, or don’t even remember having.

Take an afternoon to go through every piece of clothing and purge what you haven’t worn in a year. Consider donating those pieces to charity, especially charities that help individuals who may need a little extra help when searching for jobs.

Keep only those pieces you feel good wearing and identify which cuts and colors of clothes compliment your skin tone and body type.

When you’re finished tidying up your work wardrobe, clean the clothes you have left, and iron them so they are sharp and ready to impress.

Add Color
Adding color to business suits and dresses can make old outfits seem brand new, and help you avoid wardrobe monotony.

Identify which colors work for you, and choose simple pieces like a nice button-down shirt, a tie, or an undershirt to pop with color. Women can use accessories like purses, shoes, and jewelry to brighten up the classic black suit or dress.

Hot colors for men and women in 2016, according to InStyle.com, are rose, buttercup, fiesta red, and blue.

Don’t Do Trendy
Trends in work fashion may be cute and exciting, but they do not last and you could end up spending too much money on clothing that will be out of style before the end of the year. Stick with classic cuts, traditional suits, and basic skirts for your wardrobe foundation.

Invest in Quality Pieces
Quality over quantity is the name of the game for a sharp work wardrobe. You can make your clothing budget go further by investing in quality clothing, especially staple pieces like dress pants, blazers, suits, or black skirts.

Invest in a pair of shoes that can last for years. Find a suit that goes with most things in your closet. Buy quality clothes that promise not only fashion, but long-term comfort as well.

By investing in a few key pieces, you’ll avoid having to replace them yearly and will not have to worry about the look going out of style.

When in Doubt, Accessorize
Don’t underestimate the power of a colorful scarf, statement jewelry, or different handbag to transform an ensemble with the smallest of effort. Oversized necklaces and bracelets add a pop of style to a work outfit, and most of these accessories can be found on sales racks or in clearance bins.

For guys looking to accessorize, try experimenting with colorful ties, fun socks, or a bright-colored shirt. Adding these little touches freshens up stale fashions by transforming an old look into a new one.

How do you tidy up your work wardrobe? Share your best tips with us in the comments section below.

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