The Results Are In: How Would You Describe Your Ideal Workplace?

statistics 3Finding the right company culture to align with your personality can be a big part of your engagement and success. With the many workplace types and countless personalities of job seekers, we wanted to know what Movin’ On Up readers look for in an ideal workplace.

The Results
According to our poll, the ideal workplace for most respondents is one that implements a casual dress code (18%), is relaxed (15%), and is on the smaller side (15%) in terms of company size. Additionally, approximately 13% of voters prefer a quiet workplace, while another 12% would prefer a remote office.

Companies that are fast-paced, large in size, or require a professional dress code were among the less desirable workplace attributes at 9%, 8%, and 6% respectively. The fewest Movin’ On Up readers selected “loud” as the word to describe their ideal workplace, garnering only 2% of votes.
Readers were also able to select the “other” option and provide their own responses. Of the 3% who selected that option, responses included:

  • Mid-size company
  • Flexible work schedule/control own hours
  • “Employee-first” culture
  • Caring
  • Routine
  • Friendly atmosphere

What else do you look for in an ideal workplace?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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