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Summer is Here – Do You Have a Job?

cool_impression_summer_job_webToday is the first official day of summer in the United States, which for some, means an increase in both temperature and free time. Every summer, many students look for temporary work while they’re on break from school.

To help you make the most of your summer job, we’ve dug through the Movin’ On Up vault to bring you valuable tips and resources this season.

Know the benefits.
Summer jobs are very valuable, and not just because they generate some extra cash. They can also help benefit your future by leading to full-time work, adding experience and skills to your resume, shaping your career path, and introducing you to important network connections. This Movin’ On Up article breaks down the benefits even more, so check it out if you’re on the fence about finding summer work.

Discover the hot jobs.
Finding the right summer job is essential. To get started on your job search, check out this infographic that introduces four jobs that are popular during the summer months.

Ramp up your search.
If your summer job search has stalled, don’t give up. It’s important to treat your job search as if it is your full-time job by being diligent in hunting for work, sending in applications, enhancing your resume, and preparing for interviews. You never know where a seasonal or temporary job can lead, so always remember to put your best foot forward. To help you ramp up your search this summer, take a look at this article.

Make a good impression.
In order to help your summer job lead to bigger and better opportunities, you must show value to your boss and make a good impression in the workplace. Adjusting your routine, taking on additional projects, learning from your mistakes, networking, and paying attention to your work wardrobe are all ways you can make a positive, lasting impression on your supervisor. Check out more tips in this Movin’ On Up article.

Learn from Hollywood.
Summer brings big hits to the box office, and often, those movies feature valuable lessons job seekers and employees can take away. If you’re wondering how Hollywood stories can help you land a job, and keep it, take a look at last summer’s blockbusters and see for yourself.

Clean up your social media.
Many of us take advantage of social media and its ability to help us stay in touch with friends and family. But, have you ever wondered what your social media presence may be doing for your job prospects? Just as much as your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other profile may be entertaining, it can also be harmful. To make sure your accounts aren’t hurting your chances of landing a job this summer, check out this Movin’ On Up article.

Are you working this summer? What tips do you have for finding a summer job? Share with us in the comments section below!

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