How to Land Your Dream Job

fun_at_work_day_webWhether you’ve just started searching for a job, are looking for a change, or have been in the workforce for years, landing your dream job is something every person thinks about at one time or another. But, attaining that dream profession can also sometimes seem out of reach or impossible to pursue.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to pursue your ideal job. With the right amount of planning, persistence, and prep, you can start moving in the direction of your dreams.

Know What You Want
From workplace culture to the day-to-day tasks, in order to land your dream job, you have to know what you actually want. Applying to any and all jobs just to get a paycheck probably won’t help you get where you want to go. Think long-term as you create a strategy for your job hunt. Look for jobs either within the same industry or with the opportunity to build valuable skills that can lead you on the path toward your dream career.

Do Some Prep Work
You won’t likely land a job without a resume and cover letter, so get busy on those now. Once updated, set a reminder to spruce up or check their relevancy monthly or as frequently you deem appropriate. The same idea goes for your social media accounts. If you have a LinkedIn profile, it should reflect your most recent professional information. Check out this Movin on Up article for tips on how to clean up your social media accounts.

Keep Your Day Job
If you aren’t able to find a position that lines up perfectly with the path to your dream job, it’s recommended to keep your “day job” as you pursue the other. If you have a job now, you have a safety net that is invaluable until you can move on. The important thing to remember with this is that there’s a difference in staying in a job out of fear and staying in a job as you actively search for a more satisfying role.

Practice Persistence’s Alexandra Levit interviewed more than 100 people who currently hold their dream jobs. The reoccurring theme to landing those jobs? Persistence. Some people will stay in jobs they aren’t happy in because of the security they provide. Levit encourages her audience to “make an effort to do one thing that moves you a bit closer to your big-picture goal.” If you consistently do things, like attend networking events or volunteering, you’ll be much closer to your dream job than you would be if you remain complacent.

Manage Expectations
Keep in mind, most people don’t land their dream job fresh out of college, or even within their first years in the workforce. Reaching that goal will take time, focus, and oftentimes, quite a bit of patience. Also, don’t forget that your dream job should be one that provides you with a sense of fulfillment. Not every aspect of your dream job may be perfect. Yet, at the end of the day, if you can’t imagine yourself feeling any more fulfilled by a job, then celebrate what you have! You’ve made it.

What is your dream job? Let us know in the comments section below!

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