Poll: How Do You Beat the Career Competition?

MOV_POLL-ICONWhen a job becomes available, chances of being the only candidate to apply for it are slim to none. There are ways, however, to stand out from the competition; whether that is the research you do before an interview or having strong references. There are many ways to approach this, and we want to know what you’re doing to stand out. Tell us by voting in our poll!

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  2. Kris

    You put a poll out here to select the things we do to beat the competition for open positions. You list multiple options as well as an “other” space. The poll clearly states “choose all that apply”, but when I tried to select more than one option, the poll didn’t allow more than one option to be selected. So, in the end, the information that you will be putting out for the results of this poll isn’t, in any way, a true representation of the options that us as job seekers, are using to try and beat out the other job seekers. I use many of the options listed in the poll results but I’m still struggling with being the one chosen for the job because I struggle in the interview. I have MS and therefore experience brain fog and frequently can’t put my thoughts together successfully in the interview setting. What id like to see, as a possible future topic for info., is how as a disabled individual, how much about my disability do I reveal during the interview process? If there is a standard that is recommended for this? Or if I’m perfectly ok with not revealing my disability until after I get the job? If I’m lucky enough to be the candidate chosen. I am finding that the older I get, the worse the anxiety I have during the interview process. Is there any suggestions you can give me to help me alleviate those anxieties for a person with my condition? I look forward to seeing your response. Thank you.

    1. Movin On Up

      Hey Kris,
      Thanks for your comment! The poll should now allow you to select multiple answer choices. We apologize for the error and appreciate you notifying us. In addition, we are looking into writing an “Ask the Recruiter” article about how much candidates should reveal about a disability in an interview. Thank you for your questions around that. Please stay tuned!

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