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The Results Are In: How Do You Beat the Career Competition?

statistics 3When it comes to finding work, you’re most likely not the only one trying to land the job you have your eyes on. In fact, the career competition can be pretty tough. Since there are many ways you can set yourself apart from other job seekers, we recently asked what steps you take to beat the competition.

The Results
The overwhelming majority of respondents (35%) selected the option “research the company,” followed by 17% who chose “follow-up after interview.” Another 15% of readers “keep an updated resume,” 14% “possess a strong set of references,” and 14% “rehearse interview scenarios.”

An additional 8% of respondents selected the “Other” option and provided the following answers:

  • Eye contact during the interview
  • Project a sense of teamwork
  • Maintain active communication
  • Target the cover letter
  • Build comradery and show interest
  • Talk about how you will add to their return on investment

Adjust Your Game Plan
If you’re one of the 35% of job seekers who research the company before an interview, that’s great. But, what about that other 14% who rehearse interview scenarios? They may be one step ahead of you, and it could cost you the job. Consider taking additional steps, like sending a thank-you note or updating your resume, to ensure you’re doing all you can to stay ahead of the career competition.

What other ways do you beat the competition? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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