The Results Are In: What’s Holding Your Career Back?

The Results Are In: What’s Holding Your Career Back?


While many people experience setbacks on their career path, every obstacle is different, and we wanted to know what you think is holding your career back.

The Results Are In
The number one thing holding careers back, according to our survey, is the “lack of job availability” with 19% of the vote. The other top answers received almost the same amount of votes, and include:

  • “No room for advancement”—16%
  • “Lack of experience”—15%
  • “No college degree”—13%

Additionally, “fear of change” received 10% of the vote, followed by “family commitments” with 9%, and “I don’t feel held back by anything” with 4%.

Is Your Age a Factor?
Readers were also given the option to select “Other” and provide their own answers. Responses include:

  • “The economy”
  • “Companies don’t want to train anymore”
  • “Lack of confidence”
  • “Length of time I’ve been unemployed”
  • “Software applications”
  • “Resume looks like I’m a job hopper”
  • “Health issues”

Of those who selected the “Other” option, 50% reported that their age is holding their career back.

What else is holding your career back? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  2. Sharon Thomas

    I believe the lack of personal meetings of applicants is a big hold back for all people, as far as careers being held back. Employers evaluate you according to a piece of paper, they do not take the time to interview and interact with applicants. I believe much is lost without personal interaction. A person may look great on paper and not be a person that is easy to get along with; management and coworkers may try desperately to have a good working relationship, to no avail. And then their skills are possibly a let down and the employer dreading to go through the process again….settles for the wrong person. Then they become afraid. Me personally, possibly my age and the time since I have done office work. My skills are all still in tact, you don’t forget what you have learned during your working life.In my case, I love office work and enjoy it tremendously, possess great interpersonal skills and am a hard worker. I only ask for the opportunity to prove myself. Employers would not be disappointed!

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