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3 Top Traits of High Achievers

Have you ever looked at the successful people in your life and wondered how they got where they are? What characteristics or advantages do they have that you don’t? Thankfully, most successful people don’t have some secret formula for success that we don’t all have access to.

Ultimately, high achievers have three traits in common that allow them to be successful.


When looking at the most successful people in your life, you’ll likely notice their hard work and determination to do well, no matter what their career or the task they’re facing. This attitude of perseverance helps them overcome difficult odds so that they can achieve what others can’t.

But where does this perseverance come from? A passion and focus to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves.

They set their eyes on achieving something and don’t let distractions hold them back. Whether it’s their personal wellness, work/life balance, or completing a big project at work, high achievers have a single-minded focus on accomplishing their goals.

This focus also means they are willing and able to fail during the process, knowing that they won’t be stopped by a momentary setback. Often, the high achievers among us are those willing to try something new in the hopes that it will bring great results. New ideas, though, don’t always lead to success. Persevering through these tough times is what will set you apart on your way to success.


For many, the fear of asking questions is holding them back. For high achievers, however, questions are the key to their success, because they lead to learning.

Being willing and excited to learn new information helps the most successful people stay successful and reach new heights in their careers. They aren’t going to settle or stay stagnant with the knowledge they have. Learning leads to new ideas being brought to the table, so to become one of the high achievers, commit to being a life-long learner.

The drive to continually improve is one of the top traits of people who achieve greatness in their lives, including the desire to keep learning and growing in their profession.


This trait may surprise you, considering we most often associate high achievement with a singular focus that can be seen as steamrolling anyone who gets in the way, but the most successful people are often the most thankful.

They understand that nothing can be accomplished alone—that a group of individuals, supporting, challenging, and pushing them to be their best, is the best asset. Showing them their gratitude and being compassionate is common among the highest achievers in the world.

Whether it’s in their professional or personal life, successful people know that when they succeed, they provide value to others that will ultimately help them reach their goals, and they don’t take that for granted.

Take a moment and think about the high achievers in your life, the leaders, co-workers, family, and friends that you consider successful. These three traits of perseverance, learning, and thankfulness are very likely found in each of them.

What other traits do you think make someone a high achiever? Let us know in the comments section.