How to Keep the Job Search Interesting

Our top three tips to boost your job search productivity

holiday_job_find_webThe clock just struck midnight. You only applied to three jobs, and you weren’t really interested in any of them. You just wanted to have something to show for the three hours you spent staring at your computer screen. As your head hits your pillow, you dream of an easier job search tomorrow.

Sound familiar? Your job search can be a full-time job in and of itself. You have to sort through job listings, aggregate job search websites, company websites, career email blasts, and more. The hurdles can seem endless. And even after you parse through a day’s worth of information, there’s no guarantee that any of those jobs were actually right for you.

We know it can be easy to get discouraged, so we’ve prepared our top three tips for keeping the job search interesting.

1. Make Lists

When you’re feeling down and starting to lose heart in your job search, make lists. Write out the pros and cons of your current situation. Be honest with yourself about what you want to change. Decide on a goal. Jot down a few of your dream companies to work for. What type of work environment do you enjoy? Do you have a favorite managerial style? Your job search is much easier when you have a concrete idea of what you want to accomplish. A goal helps to keep you motivated.

2. Talk to Friends

Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only one out there struggling with your job search. Try talking to some of your friends about it. Blowing off steam with other people in the same situation can help you work through your job search anxiety. Share any motivational quotes you love. You can also make each other accountable. Set deadlines together and celebrate job search milestones like 10 jobs applied.

3. Consider a Recruiting Service

At the very least, a recruiter can provide insight into your unique skillset and resume. Recruiters know exactly what local businesses are looking for in new hires. So all you have to do is let your recruiter know your preferred company culture and managerial style, make any changes they recommend to your resume, and wait for them to do the rest. And while they’re searching on their end, you’re still free to job search on your own. Which means you get two times the job search power at no extra cost. Consider temp positions or temp to hire positions. You might even find a job you love!

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