Tell Us About Your First Job!

Whether it was during or after high school, we want to hear about it.

Chances are your first job wasn’t exactly glamorous. You waited tables or sacked groceries. But humble beginnings are necessary for an epic adventure. What’s important is how those jobs led to your current career path. As noted by the Harvard Business Review, “no matter what [first] job you chose today, you build skills and create options for the long-term.”

What did you learn about the working world? About your preferred management style? About yourself?

Perhaps you don’t consider those early jobs as your true “first job.” You may think of your first “adult” job as your first career job—your first professional position or the first job you held in a particular industry.

We want to hear about those early days in your career. That’s why we’re using the hashtag #MyFirstJob on social media. Feel free to let us know about your first job on any social media platforms or right here on Movin’ On Up!

So what was your first job?  Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Karen Bland

    I did most of my growing up in Iowa – land of cows, hogs & cornfields. I was 13 years old when I got my first job working for Pioneer Seed Company earning 97 cents per hour. I was on a detasseling crew with other teens. We would walk the corn rows pulling the tassels out of the tops of the corn stalks so they did not germinate. Apparently it made for larger, healthier seeds. It wasn’t a bad job, as far as jobs go. We reported to work at 5am and were done for the day by 1:00pm. The only down side to the job was the corn spiders. I was terrified of them! They built large webs between the rows and they were huge (to a 13 year old) black & yellow spiders – their bodies at least the size of a quarter! I learned to walk with a stick to knock down the webs because the crew bosses didn’t want us to harm the spiders – they kept the insects from destroying the crops. I did this job for 3 years until I was old enough to work at the local nursing home.

    1. Post

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for sharing your story! …Maybe we should go as corn spiders for Halloween. They sound scary enough!

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