Poll: Are You Over or Underemployed?

Despite the current job market trending in favor of job seekers, many workers find themselves trapped in positions that don’t align with their experience and abilities. Some find that their skills and expertise are not fully utilized (underemployed), while others are treading water in positions that are over their heads (overemployed). Both are tricky situations that can quickly lead to frustration and burnout if left unchecked. So this month, we want to know where you sit on the over/underemployment scale. Are You Over or Underemployed? Let us know by voting in our poll.

Given your skill level and experience, how would you describe your current employment situation?




  1. Michael Hurd

    I am definitely under employed as I have 9 diplomas in management and 26 certifcations in total and have only had temporary operative work since moving to the UK 6 years ago. As I am a qualified operations manager with 15+ years managerial experience behind me, I find it hard to fathom how a single piece of paper (A CV) can define where you should be working. But I have bills to pay and need to work.

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