Poll: Why Can’t You Get a Promotion

Wondering why you can’t seem to get a promotion no matter what you do or achieve? Perhaps it’s a sneaky co-worker that sabotages your efforts, or a jealous boss that won’t let you ascend the professional ladder. Or it could just be that you aren’t yet ready or your company doesn’t have the funds or position available right now.

Whatever the reason, we want to hear about it. Let us know the reason you think you aren’t being promoted.

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  1. Non-Spanish Speaking Native Female

    Our company promotes team building and offering training to help the company.

    When I asked to attend a payroll conference in our own town for $164 (one day). This is my job (I am payroll) my boss and I are the only people who runs our payroll.

    I was turned down…because I have a jealous boss, who does not want me to excel in any way to learn the state laws.

    But, when it comes to the Spanish speaking women priorities, there is no problems accommodating the needs to help the other women in the office to travel for learning and training.

    I just want my company to be fair. I want my own boss to stop favoring Spanish speaking females.

    Thank you.

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