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Introducing the ExpressJobs App

Looking to quit your current job but not sure where to start? In search of the perfect part-time job? Or maybe you want to break into a new industry altogether.

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Job Spotlight: Welder

Will you connect to your career dreams through a welding position?

Despite already having experience with several jobs, many working adults are unable to answer the age-old question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Our Job Spotlight monthly blog series is designed to help with that. In this series, we review all the basics of specific job types, from salary and duties to why people do the jobs they do.


For this month’s Job Spotlight, we’re heating things up with a look at welding positions. Welders use high-temperature equipment to combine separate metal pieces into a completely new product. Different types of welders use different kinds of equipment.  With the different types of welding come different work environments and industries.

Meet Brian, a welder, in this Job Genius video.

Required Education

Associate’s degree or certification program


Although it varies depending on a variety of factors (e.g. experience, industry, geographic area, etc.), welders can average nearly $40,000 a year, $100,000 for specialized welders.

What Welders Do

Welders handle a variety of responsibilities, which may include:

  • Preparing and maintaining welding equipment
  • Operating various welding machines to complete projects
  • Employing the use of diagrams and sketches to decide upon material quantities and project completion time

What Companies Look for in Welders

Every position is different, but many require the following skills:

  • Willingness to gain training and skills
  • Comprehension and application of industry safety regulations.
  • Ability to be extremely accurate and precise.
  • Teamwork and communication abilities

Are you a welder? What else should people know about your position? Let us know in the comments below!