Poll Question: What Does Flexible Work Mean for You?

In April, we asked what you value as the most important non-health related benefit from employers. A flexible work schedule was the top choice, garnering 17% of the vote.

But “flexible work” means something different for everyone. Gary might prefer more vacation time, while Marsha wants to work remotely. Kimberly, on the other hand, just wants to leave work an hour later so she can sleep in every morning.

We want to hear from you.

What’s your personal definition of “flexible work?”



  1. Donna Copeland

    Flexible work schedule means flexible hours including less hours than forty hours per week. In some cases, four days a week or every other Friday or Monday off to allow more time to go to doctor/dental/lab appointments without having to use PTO.

  2. Christopher

    When I see the words, “flexible work schedule” in an employer ad, I generally assume this to mean the employer wants me to be available for all kinds of hours other than 8-5. To me, it’s a red flag that this employer doesn’t care about an employee’s need for some sort of work/life balance.

    I wish the term meant that the company was offering Work from home opportunities or the opportunity to work an extra hour Mon – Thurs and then work Friday only 8-Noon. Or at the very least, flexible hours would mean if you had to be away from the office for some reason (car repair, child’s program, etc.) it would never be a problem to just inform the employer within a reasonable time and just go do what you have to do.

  3. Richard

    Flexible work means getting to choose my own schedule. People have kids in school, elderly parents they help take care of, and significant others whose schedules they need to mesh with. If the nature of the work is such that I don’t have to be there at a certain time, or leave at a certain time, I want to choose my hours. I’ll work agreed upon hours at an agreed upon rate of pay. I just want to choose when those hours will be. I really hate employers who not only insist you adhere to a rigid schedule when it isn’t necessary, but also insist that overtime is mandatory. No it isn’t.

  4. Robin Michaels

    Flexible work, to me, means that I can come in earlier or work later if I have to schedule an appointment during the work day, or even work on a weekend if I have to miss an entire day.

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