Question of the Month: Does Your Company Have a Workplace Chaplain?

Company cultures vary across the country. Some companies prefer professional dress codes while others embrace shorts and flipflops. One business might offer traditional Christmas bonuses while another chooses to give incremental raises throughout the year.

It’s these differences that make for a diverse and interesting economy, full of different companies, each one well-matched to a particular type of employee personality.

One of the qualities that varies across companies is the presence of a workplace chaplain.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, a chaplain is “a person chosen to conduct religious exercises (as at a meeting of a club or society).” This can be a member of any religion.

Workplace chaplains are frequently hired to provide moral and emotional support, as well as lead prayers at company events.

For this month’s poll, we’re asking if you have (or want) a workplace chaplain at your workplace.

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  1. David Manring

    For every new job application . People enter a job with personal , legal and financial problems . Some of those people have family support . But some have no support what do ever .

  2. Pamela Thompson

    I believe it could be of great service to provide nondenominational, nonjudgmental support to all employees. Add in the promise of confidentiality, anonymity and, require every employee to visit at least once, regardless of need, to decide for themselves if it is something they would benefit from the service. Schools and universities have “guidance counselors.” It can change lives. I also think would be a challenge to maintain confidentiality and anonymity because, it means someone in a position of power, with a matching personality, has to realize they can’t always be in control and do not have the right to know everything or, use it personally. This service cases must be 100% separate from Human Resources unless the employee decides it is important to include both departments.

  3. Anita L Moro

    I welcome the option for added support and positive encouragement, whether that be from an on site Chaplain or within the work place among the employees. My current employer doesn’t have an on site Chaplain…but we are encouraged and supported daily – Our office is very open to sharing and supportive of each other – We are all firm believers that you get farther with honey the with vinegar and life is much easier being positive then negative.

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