Poll Results: Answering the Hardest Interview Questions

Here’s what you had to say.

Recently we asked our Movin’ On Up readers the interview questions they need help with.

The top choice was “What are your top five strengths and weaknesses,” with more than 32% of the vote. “Why are you leaving (or want to leave) your current job/company” came in second with just under 13% of the vote, followed by “Why should I Hire You,” “Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years,” and “Other” with 9% each. The rest of the responses were as follows:

  • “Tell Me About Yourself.”—8%
  • “What Are Your Most Impressive Accomplishments to Date.”—5%
  • “Describe Your Perfect Work Environment/Company Culture.”—4%
  • “What Would Your Coworkers Say About You? Both Good and Bad.”—4%
  • “Why Do You Want to Work At Our Company?”—3%
  • “Do You Like to Take Charge of Projects and Situations or Would You Rather Receive Direction?”—3%
  • “If You Could Change Something about Your Past (Or Current) Job, What Would It Be?”—1%
  • “Describe Your Perfect Boss/Manager.”—1%

What does this mean?

We’ll be covering great ways to answer the top voted questions over the next few months, but here are some quick hints.

“What Are Your Top Five Strengths and Weaknesses?”

A lot of people hate this question because they don’t want to list their weaknesses. Or they feel like they have to lie by saying things like, “I work too hard,” “I’m a perfectionist” or even, “I just care too much.”

You don’t have to do that. Tell the truth, just maybe not the whole truth. If you’re driven but not a people person, tell them that you’re just not very extroverted. You’ll work well with co0workers, but won’t be the one to pass around the sympathy card. That’s just not your strength.

And you don’t have to list all of your weaknesses. Just tell them as many as you want to. Remember, this is your interview.

“Why Are You Leaving (Or Wanting to Leave) Your Current Job/Company?”

This one is hard to answer because you don’t want to say something like “because I hate it,” or “my boss is an idiot.” But you want to tell the truth. So what can you do?

Tell them you don’t like the direction the company is going. That you don’t agree with your boss’s managerial style. Just phrase things in a positive, non-emotional way. It’s not that you hated people, it’s that the situation just wasn’t a good fit anymore.

“Why Should I Hire You?”

This is hard to summarize in a few sentences or so, but focus on the added value you can bring to the company. Use numbers. Bring up times you’ve helped increase revenue or gotten out of a sticky situation. Link your own personality and goals to the company culture and direction. Show that you’re a puzzle piece uniquely shaped to the hole the company is looking to fill.

Any other interview questions you need help with? Let us know in the comments section below!



  1. John Forester

    This is actually the first time in 3 years that I have actually read one of these emails completely. From my reading, I think that these are very helpful and will help me as I try to assist others in obtaining employment

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