Poll Results: Does Your Company Have a Workplace Chaplain?

Here’s what you had to say.

Recently we asked our Job Journey readers whether their company has a workplace chaplain.

The top choice was “No, a workplace chaplain is not appropriate/necessary” with 40% of the vote. “No, but I wish we did” came in second, with 34% of the vote, followed by “Yes, they are an important part of our culture” with 16% of the vote” and “Yes, but I don’t think a workplace chaplain is appropriate/necessary” with 4% of the vote.

Seven percent of voters chose the “Other” option, with responses including:

  • “I always have someone to pray with at work.”
  • “I don’t know, but if we do, it doesn’t really matter.”
  • “No, but I love the concept. Too small to employ a chaplain.”

At the end of the day, opinions are almost evenly split on whether companies should have workplace chaplains. However, one commenter said it best in a blog comment:

“I welcome the option for added support and positive encouragement, whether that be from an onsite Chaplain or within the work place among the employees. My current employer doesn’t have an onsite Chaplain, but we are encouraged and supported daily. Our office is very open to sharing and supporting each other. We are all firm believers that you get farther with honey than with vinegar, and life is much easier being positive than negative.”

A support system is important, regardless of what form that support system takes.

What type of support system would you like to see at your company?

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