Poll: What is Your Preferred Method of Interacting with a Company During Your Job Search?

Long before the internet was easily accessible, you’d have to visit a business or temp service to pick up a physical application to apply for a job. Then, you’d need to bring the application back (or, in some cases, mail it) to submit it.

Interviews were either in-person or over the phone. There wasn’t really a third option.

We live in a different world now. There are an incredible variety of ways to get in contact with companies. You can find applications on job boards, at job fairs, or on company websites. You can interview on the phone, through an app, in person, or on Skype or other online video service.

The point is, job seekers have options. And we want to know your preferred method of interacting with a company during your job search.

Let us know by voting in our poll!

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