Welcome to Job Journey!

A spiffy new look and a whole new name.

You might have noticed that things look a little different around here. It’s a new year, and a new us.

We’ve made the move from Movin’ On Up to Job Journey, complete with a whole new look and feel. We’re still tweaking things, but we’ve embraced brighter colors, more white space, and (this one is a biggie) a mobile friendly site!

Why? Besides just plain needing a site revamp after 10 years, we want to focus on what you really care about. Getting past the interview and getting a good job. When you’re unemployed or unhappy at your current position, that’s what really matters.

That’s what your job journey is all about. We want to focus on you as an individual. From job search to interview to job offer and everything that happens after that. It never ends, and we’ll never stop writing about it.

Thanks for reading! And here’s to another 10 years of colorful content.

Have any questions about the new site? Any new features you’d like to see us implement? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. John Marr

    Ive been with express for a while now they are good people to work for but its up to you to make a word for yourself by working hard and doing it safely if you do that your on a great start for the 2019 work yr like the new site to have not used the app but will be soon


    I have worked for express and was impressed that they find jobs pretty quickly for me. I am in my fifties and still have office skills necessary for the modern workplace.

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