Looking for a Job? Why Not Find One Through An Award-Winning Staffing Company?

Express Employment Professionals Proven Best of Staffing.

We’re living in a job seeker’s market. That means there are too many job openings and not enough folks to fill them.

Job seekers have the power, and companies want to attract and retain talented workers.

One of the biggest things new hires care about is employee satisfaction, which comes in many forms. These include advancement opportunities, employee development, recognition, benefits, and the right job fit.

But it’s hard to know if you’ll be satisfied with a job before you accept a job offer. That’s why you should seek out a staffing company with a proven track record of happy associates. You’ll get the opportunity to work at different companies while reporting to one staffing company. If the staffing company is satisfying to work for, the client company probably will be, too.

Express and the Best of Staffing Talent Award

Express Employment Professionals is dedicated to providing a positive experience for our associates. In an effort to continually improve their satisfaction, Express teamed up with a third-party company to survey associates across the U.S. and Canada. The positive feedback from this survey resulted in Express achieving the ClearlyRated 2019 Best of Staffing® Talent Award (formerly Inavero), a designation fewer than 2% of staffing firms in North American can claim.

For the third consecutive year, Express Employment Professionals received ClearlyRated’s (formerly Inavero) Best of Staffing® Talent Award, a designation fewer than 2% of staffing firms in North America can claim. Surveying workers across all industries, Express received a net promoter score of 50.9%, significantly higher than the 24% industry average. On average, associates working for Best of Staffing® Talent Award winning staffing firms are 1.7 times more likely to be completely satisfied with their employers.

What Associates Had to Say

Here are some of the comments respondents provided through the survey.

“Dedicated service and attention to details. Honesty and integrity from the moment you walk through the door to when you leave the assignment. They treat people with respect and a smile as if they were family.” – Anonymous, Gainesville, FL

“Express Employment Professionals does a great job placing me on good assignments with good organizations. They are supportive and always do their best. They respond quickly to my questions and resolve work related issues in a professional and timely manner..” – Haider, A., Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Every single person at Express Employment Professionals has been so helpful, it is hard to put it into words. They helped me find work swiftly, have been encouraging me the whole way, always available at a moment’s notice, and are ready to help in any way.” – Nat R., Birmingham, AL

Express is proud to receive this award, but more importantly, knowing our associates have a positive and impactful experience with the service we provide is priceless. Express employed a record 566,000 people in 2018 and has a long-term goal of putting a million people to work annually.

If you want to get started with Express, contact your local office by phone, register online, or download the app on the App Store or Google Play today!

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