Poll Results: How Job Seekers Want to Interact with Companies

Here’s what you had to say.

Recently we asked our Job Journey readers about their preferred method of interacting with a company during their job search.

The top choice was “scheduled in-person interview” with 23% of the votes. “Email” came in second, with 19% of the votes, followed by “telephone” with 17% of the votes and “in-person/walk-in” with 13% of the votes.

Other responses included:

  • Staffing service: 9%
  • Company website/online job portal: 8%
  • Online job boards: 5%
  • Video (i.e. Skype): 3%
  • Job fairs: 2%

Although there are more ways to contact companies than ever before, the traditional methods (in-person, email, telephone, etc.) still reign supreme. However, that doesn’t mean other methods should be neglected. If you would prefer to email or call, don’t let that stop you from seeking out online job advertisements or joining up with a staffing service. Some companies can only be contacted through other methods like staffing services or online job boards.

Now that you’ve gotten an interview, here are a few blogs to help you ace it:

Which job search method is your most favorite and why? Least favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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