Poll: How Many Years Have You Been with Your Current Company?

Great companies usually have low turnover. Employees enjoy their work, like their co-workers, and just love being there.

Not-so-great companies tend to have high turnover. This can be due to difficult responsibilities, commanding managers, or even a toxic work environment

We want to know how long you’ve been with your current company.

Let us know by voting in our poll!

Thanks for voting in our poll! Tell us why you’ve stayed so long (or not so long) in the comments section below.


  1. Patricia Selvog

    I stayed so long because the pay and benefits were reasonably competitive for the area I have worked. I left because I don’t like the negative moral within that company.

  2. S Stone

    I have seen a lot of turnover. It comes down to one reason- lack of pay. The work we do is too complex to be paid the salary we receive. In the time I’ve been at my job I’ve seen a minimum of 15 people leave (just in my department alone) some have been upper management. They’re slowly planning on readjusting our salaries, but it can’t come quick enough.

  3. Gregory Hepner

    I stayed so long because I liked the job. I liked driving, but was out of town too much. This is why I terminated.

  4. Frank R

    I just started Smart & Final, CA. Upon opening of a new store May 2017. I dont see an end in sight. No job I think is perfect, but I can honestly say there’s rarely a day where I’m dreading to go work.

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