Poll Results: How Much of a Pay Increase Will it Take for You to Stay with Your Current Employer?

Here’s what you had to say.

You like working at your current job, but the main reason we work is to make money. So we asked, if another company comes along with a job offer, how much of a pay increase would it take for you to stay with your current company?

Responses were fairly evenly split.

  • 16-20% increase: 21% of the vote
  • 11-15% increase: 19% of the vote
  • 5-10% increase: 19% of the vote
  • 21% or greater increase: 18% of the vote
  • 3-4% increase: 7% of the vote
  • 1-2% increase: 4% of the vote

Other responses included:

  • Depends on what the new job offer is.
  • Too many variables to decide: location, moving, reputation of the new business, etc.
  • It’s not always about money.
  • No increase. I’m outta here!

These results show that it really does vary by position. The “should I stay or should I go” number is different for everyone. However, your current employer isn’t going to know your number unless you ask for it. So, when negotiating, don’t be afraid of putting that number out there, especially if you love where you work!

Have you ever received a pay increase to stay at your current job? What did negotiations look like? Let us know in the comments section below

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