Answering the Interview Question: Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company?

Prepare your reasons.

When companies are hiring, they aren’t just looking for the most skilled applicants. While skill is important, interviewers are also looking for culture fit. Folks that mesh with the rest of the employees and stay with the company long-term.

That’s the main reason interviewers ask applicants why they want to work at the company. Your answer should combine a discussion of your skills with your personality and how you fit in with the company in general.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Research the Company

Answering any interview question starts with research, and this question is actually testing your knowledge. Figure out what it is that attracts you to the company (beside the paycheck). Check out the company’s website, recent news coverage (a Google search will help with that), and review sites like

Don’t forget to look to your own network as well! If you know anybody who works at the company, ask them what they love about it.

Remember This Isn’t About You

Although you might be tempted to answer with something along the lines of “the benefits are great,” “I would be a talented team member,” or “I’m just really qualified for the job,” those aren’t the answers your interviewer neccesarily wants to hear.

Basically, the question is asking why you want to work there, but you’re being tested on your knowledge of the company. Focus on why the company is a great place to work. Now that you’ve done your research, highlight the product or service offered by the company and why you love and believe in it, or the good deeds the company is doing for the community and its customers, etc.

Tie the Company to Your Own Skills and Values

Now  you’ve established what you know about the company and its history, tie that into your abilities. For example, you noticed that the company does a good amount of community outreach, and that’s something near and dear to your heart. Or the company has an incredible reputation as a market leader, and you have experience in that industry and want to bring what you can to the table. Check out the company’s social media as well—if folks are passionate about their product, mention that you noticed the positive comments, are a product user as well, and want to channel your enthusiasm for the brand into your career.

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Do you have any other ways to answer this question? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Raul Nava

    My history in the service department has given me the opportunity to interact, communicate and observe the different personalities in customer service. The automotive industry has let me experience how people really express themselves while maintaining there vehicle. I am a very cognitive person who listens to people,and helping them make decisions about there vehicle. Explaining to them in a demeanor that will make it easier to get there confidence in me. Building a good business relationship, and retain a satisfied customer. That is the main reason I would like to work for your company. Thank you very much.

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