Question of the Month: Is Your Current Profession Related to Your College Degree?

Some of us start college and know exactly what we want to do. Others take a few years to figure it out. However, regardless of what you end up majoring in, that choice might not have much of an effect on your career. Most folks end up in positions with little or no correlation to their major.

So, for our July question of the month, we want to know if you’re currently working in a profession related to your college degree. Let us know by voting in our poll.


  1. Gary Reems

    I only have an Associate of Arts in General Studies and Music . Nothing I’ve ever done in jobs have had much to do with my AA degree, as far as music goes, but the general studies part has been helpful to a point.

  2. John Flurkeyto

    Graduated in Computer science at Florida State. I had worked for a few years and have little interest in continuing in web development.

  3. Eli

    I got a Biology degree, but my chemistry classes helped me get into the environmental lab analysis industry.

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