Answering the Interview Question: Do You Like to Take Charge of Projects and Situations?

Is this a trick question?

This is one of those questions interviewers ask that can really stump job applicants if they aren’t prepared.

It can seem like there has to be a right answer, that you have to choose taking charge or receiving direction. However, there’s plenty of room for personalized answers that relate to you specifically.

Not sure how to start crafting your reply? We’ve got you covered.

Be Honest

Interviewers aren’t trying to trick you. If you like taking the lead and being a go-getter, tell them that! However, it’s perfectly fine if you would rather stay in the back and support the rest of the team.

This question pops up so managers know what you’ll be like to work with if you get the job. The only wrong answers are those that are unclear or make it seem like you don’t like working at all.

Choose Your Words Carefully

If you aren’t a take-charge kind of worker, instead of saying that you “really don’t like to be depended on for major decisions,” say something like “I prefer to support the team and develop my ability to lead future projects.”

And if you do prefer to take the lead, don’t be cocky about it. Note that you have a flair for leadership and like coordinating with the rest of the team to get things done.

Regardless of which way you answer, emphasize teamwork.

Relate Your Answer to Previous Experience

Enhance your answer with specific examples from your work history. If you’re a born leader, mention a project you led to success with success statistics to back you up. If you thrive under great leadership, cite a project where your support led to key goals being met.

And if you like leading and receiving direction? Just come up with examples for both!

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Do you have any other ways to answer this question? Let us know in the comments section below!



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